It’s hard to mod or find a good ROM that will work stable and high Hash-rate, after long run and work I succeeded to get 30+ on ethereum and 1225+ on verge. I have tested on my rigs, and I am mining Ethereum and Verge Coins on Claymore dual mining mode. I am using nanopool for now. I have used this ROM more than 2 months. It mines stable without stale shares. If you have same GPU, you can test this ROM out. (Be careful! If you are not sure about your GPU information, do NOT flash this ROM! You may put your GPU on brick mode and make your GPU out of warranty.

ETH+XVG Claymore Values
GPU-Z Monitoring

After long run, as you can see ROM works properly and stable, Until now I didn’t have any problem. Rig takes 1150-1200W from wall on dual mining mode. Before optimizations, it was taking 1250-1300W from wall.

Graphic Card Informations:

Brand: Sapphire
Model: RX 580 Nitro +
Memory size: 8Gb
Memory manufacturer: Samsung
Flash type: GD25Q21B
Bios p/n: 113-1E3660U-O51

Orginal Rom: 23-25 Mh/s

Mod Values:

GPU Core Clock: 1150 Mhz
GPU Core Voltage: 850mV
GPU Memory Clock: 2220 Mhz
GPU Memory Voltage: 950mV

Modded Rom: 30-31 Mh/s

Claymore Config Values
(Double click to edit and copy)

[code lang="bash"]

-ewal EthereumWalletPublicKey/RigName/E-MailAddress
-epsw x

-esm 0
-estale 0
-ftime 10
-asm 1
-r 1

-mport 3333
-mpsw iRf1302

-tt 60
-tstop 95
-ttli 80
-ttdcr 80

-dcri 40

# Verge Mining AntMinePool
-dcoin blake2s
-dpool stratum+tcp://
-dwal VergeWalletPublicKey
-dpsw c=XVGB

-platform 1
-mode 0
-allpools 1
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