Free file recovery software 2016

Most of us has faced to this situation, sometimes caused by system error, sometimes deleted by mistake. At the end of it we are all sad about our important data. If this happened to you too, you should make a Data Recovery scan. So I will share this tool to get our data (Photos, Word, Excel, PowerPoint files, etc) back. Data Recovery is basically scanning all Hard-drive with a software and software finds each piece of data and tries to link them. Recovering data from Hard-drive one of hard work in computer branch. Before I tell about software, here is some advises;

  • Plug your hard-drive to another PC
  • Install, Data Recovery Tool (not same drive as you will try to recovery files from).
  • Decide, about what file types you want to recovery
  • Use the only one tool for your hard-drive’s file system (Fat/Fat32/Ntfs)
  • Be Patient, make recovery scan as detailed