Get More Followers on Twitter!

Get More Followers on Twitter!


As we know twitter became a big social network, people and companies are trying to grow their network on social networks. Twitter is one of them which is writen in social network list. They are trying to grow and reach to more followers, and you wonder if there are ways to find and have more followers for your twitter account.

On this article I will try to explain how to find more followers. If you didn’t hear about sites I will give you, here is a short explain:

by registering those web sites, you are adding your twitter account into their lists. They are giving you coins, seeds or credits (first for registering) and with those credits you are being listed to be followed to people.. Okay, here is question; why people tracking those lists and follows you. Those systems simply works with credit systems, you and others are listed for 2 credits/seeds/coins (or you can offer more from your settings) then when people followed you system is taking this 2 credit from you and adding to them, Right. They want to be followed too, this is why they are following you and having coins. In this way they will have credit and will be listed to be followed too.

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Tips: Don’t hurry up, you will already be followed with free credits, after you finished your credits don’t follow too much people. Because you will already have followers from other sites too. Just follow people who offers more then 2-3 credits and only 5-10 people. Bookmark it and leave for tomorrow, because when you singed in next day, probably site will give you extra 10 or more credits daily.Get more Twitter Followers

Okay… Here is Web Sites:

  • Siraze / supports: Twitter
  • YouLikeHits / You can have followers or likes or G+ followers, they support all populer networks
  • Artmeo / supports: Twitter/Youtube/Digg/Stumbleupon/Myspace
  • Traffup / supports Twitter with followers and retweets
  • AddSocials / supports: Twitter/Facebook/Youtube/Websites
  • Toosl / supports: Twitter
  • LetUsFollow / supports: Twitter/Google +1/Facebook Page/Youtube/Youtube Channels/Website/Digg
  • Earn More Followers / They support: Twitter/Facebook/Google+/Retweet/Stumbleupon/Surf/Youtube
  • Societ Plus / supports: Twitter
  • SocialJumbo / supports: Twitter
  • SocialClump / supports: Twitter
  • tweegs / supports: Twitter
  • / supports: Twitter
  • Exchange Social / supports: Twitter
  • friendr / supports: Twitter
  • keeko /supports: Twitter/Facebook/Facebook Share/Google+/Tweet/LinkedIn

You should add your twitter to system after register, you will be followed quickly, but don’t forget; they followed you for credits/seeds/coins so don’t scam, spam people, otherwise they will unfollow you quickly.

Another important point is if you decide to follow people for credits/coins/seeds, don’t unfollow them after you took credits. This is not ethic and also those systems are recording who you followed by their systems how many followers you have on twitter. They may block your account if you do this. And also you shouldn’t buy followers, those systems are not forbidden by twitter, those system works as offering systems and not automatic follow bots, people are following by themselves. Hope you enjoy with those sites and have more followers.

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