Google Android Market v3.1.3

Google Android Market v3.1.3

Application Store of Google Android Operation System, Android Market is biggest rival to Apple App Store. But because of not enough inspection made Android Market filled with unwanted and harmful applications.

With lastest update Android Market is coming with new layout and design, and started to share 3.1.3 update. Here is some features at new version;

First feature is PIN which is being used for buying apps. It smilar to App Store and it was has being waited for a long time. Because especially children who got parent’s credit cards was using Google Checkout to get apps. And also this feature will stop stolen cards to be used.

To set up a PIN number; Menu key > Settings > Set or Change PIN Number

Other feature is when you clicked on application permissions you will have more information.
Last feature is on Settings Menu its giving more optimisation.

Android Market will be published user by user in a few weeks.
If you want to try it manuelly you can download it from our Web Storage;

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