Maecenas dignissim

Maecenas dignissim

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Samsung Galaxy S3 Release Date

Samsung Galaxy S3 which will be one of the thinest  phone of Samsung. Will be 7mm and will have more funtions and features than Galaxy S family. I have Galaxy S2, it seems that Samsung will suprise us again. Here is a few rumoured features I have heard from tech world, hope you are as excited as me about it.



Get More Followers on Twitter!


As we know twitter became a big social network, people and companies are trying to grow their network on social networks. Twitter is one of them which is writen in social network list. They are trying to grow and reach to more followers, and you wonder if there are ways to find and have more followers for your twitter account.

On this article I will try to explain how to find more followers. If you didn’t hear about sites I will give you, here is a short explain:

Facebook,Featured,From irfan,Google


Data Recovery – Free/Paid Tools

some of us has faced to this situation, sometimes caused by system error, sometimes deleted wrongly. End of it we are all sad about our important datas. Today I will share this tool to get our data (Photos, Word, Excel, PowerPoint files, etc) back. recovering data from Harddisk one of hard work in computer branch. Before I tell about software, here is some advices;

  • Plug your harddrive to another Pc
  • Install, Data Recovery Tool (not same drive as you will try to recovery files from).
  • Decide, about what file types you want to recovery
  • Use the only one tool for your harddrive’s file system (Fat/Fat32/Ntfs)
  • Be Patient, make recovery scan as detailed